Big Hearts Society

The “Big Hearts Society” was formed to encourage donors to give $500.00 or more annually for a minimum of five (5) years. Our Mother’s Home depends on 52% of its revenue from generous donors. We are in need of a steady stream of donations that we can depend on to continue our Mission to provide both a physically and emotionally nurturing home.

We provide a home for up to 10 mothers and their precious babies who have the following needs:

  • Nutritious Meals to include fresh fruits, vegetables, juices
  • Formula, baby food
  • Diapers
  • Shampoo for mommy and baby, lotions and other personal needs
  • Laundry soap, cleaning supplies, garbage bags
  • Towels, sheets, blankets
  • Transportation to school, doctors’ appointments and visits to family
  • Books, school supplies
  • Funding for Birthing, Breast Feeding and basic newborn classes.
  • Funding for private counseling
  • Computers
  • Funding for circumcisions (for moms who desire)

Members of the “Big Hearts Society” would be partners with Our Mother’s Home allowing us to go forward providing a homelike environment where love, discipline, structure and safety are provided. Please help us to secure the future of our young mothers and their precious babies for generations to come.

  • Foster with Love: $500.00 per year ($41.67/month) for five years

    Provides two babies with diapers for 6 months.

  • Foster with Education: $1000.00 per year ($83.33/month) for 5 years

    Provides one mother with childbirth, breast feeding, newborn care and tutoring classes.

  • Foster with Food: $1500.00* per year ($125.00/month) for 5 years

    Provides one baby formula for 5 years.

  • Foster with Guidance: $2500.00* per year ($208.00/month) for 5 years

    Provides one mom with monthly private counseling to heal from past traumas.

  • Foster with Faith: $5000.00* per year ($416.00/month) for 5 years

    Provides additional monies for medical needs not covered by insurances, computers, transportation, maintenance of the home, and other daily operational expenses.

Our Mother's Home sponsored in part by:

Florida Department of Children and Families

Florida Department of Children and Families

United Way

United Way

Children's Network of Southwest Florida

Children’s Network of Southwest Florida