Janelle Miley


Ms. Miley has more than 30 years of experience in the areas of accounting, administration, business management and compliance areas of business. She directly oversees the Accounting Support and Virtual CFO services provided to GLOBAL’s diverse client base of nonprofit, governmental agencies and for-profit organizations with offices in Maryland and Florida. Ms. Miley supports her clients with strategic fiscal planning/management, budgeting, staff management, compliance with US and international accounting standards, stringent internal controls and grant management support.

Ms. Miley oversees all day to day accounting tasks and year end client tasks from accrued and prepaid schedules to consolidated financial reports for organizations with multiple businesses and/or departments. As a Senior Project Manager on all client engagements, Ms. Miley has led the GLOBAL team of accountants for the past 10 years with reliable and customer driven support to its government and non-government clients.