Lauren McCraney

Executive Director

Lauren McCraney joined Our Mother’s Home of Southwest Florida as
Executive Director in October of 2020. A lifelong advocate for social
issues, she has worked with many grassroots initiatives locally and
globally to help empower underserved women and girls. Her passion for
women’s educational and economic equity emerged from years of
international research and volunteer work with women’s co-ops, and
abuse shelters for domestic violence and human trafficking. She
combines her passion for equity and empowerment of women and girls
with preservation of cultural diversity, and mindfulness.

Previously, Lauren held the executive director position for Human
Trafficking Awareness Partnerships (HTAP) and the acclaimed
ARTREACH program.

Lauren holds a B.A. degree in Cultural Anthropology and Religious
Studies from Florida State University. As a single mother raising two
children while completing her education and establishing a career she
brings a unique perspective to the economic empowerment of women
facing motherhood.